Reviewed: Fat Gripz

So after last week’s lengthy diatribe on co-activation, I figured I’d take it easy and use this week to start up a product review section. For those that follow the blog and my Twitter account, you’ll know that I’m stuck in a commercial gym, and have been my entire training life. While these places generally leave a lot to be desired, for the most part they’ve had the basic racks, barbells and dumbbells needed to get your strong on, but they usually lack the extras that show up in articles on t-nation, eliteFTS, etc… I’m sure like many of you, I’ve spent time dreaming of training in a smaller, hardcore gym, and loaded up a fictional shopping cart on eliteFTS of everything I’d put in a gym, but that isn’t always financially viable. Recently I’ve taken to just bringing my bars to the gym anyway, but I know that doesn’t make the ‘powers-that-be’ too happy, and for many of you, it probably isn’t an option. So for the first few reviews, I think I will try to find products that can be easily snuck into your gym, won’t break the bank, and will help you get the most out of your training.Continue Reading