Get Science On Your Side

Your training is an ever-evolving experiment, but it can be difficult to manage all the aspects of your life while trying to create effective exercise programs. That’s where I come in. If you’ve spent any time on my site, you know I love melding the latest scientific info with the practical side, actually taking time to move some heavy weights. No matter your goal or situation I can provide practical, well-researched solutions to help you achieve and exceed what you thought possible in the gym.

What’s Included

For $250.00 per month you’ll receive unlimited access to my inbox, a 30-minute Skype consultation, and a four week customized strength and conditioning program every month. There are no cookie cutter programs here; I create each and every program from scratch to suit your specific situation based on the information you provide in my pre-consultation questionnaire.

The Right People

I think it’s possible that almost everyone can benefit from some form of coaching, whether in person or through an Internet connection. Online training and distance coaching services aren’t right for everyone so it’s important to identify who will benefit from this type of training. That being said, the following characteristics will ensure you’ll get the most from your online training experience:

  1. Have access to and know your way around a gym
  2. Familiar with the basic free weight exercises
  3. Self-motivated, disciplined, and 100% committed
  4. Open to new ideas, training methods, and exercises that may not be the norm at an average commercial gym

This list isn’t set in stone. Any situation can work so I encourage you to contact me so I can help you make the most of your training with my simple, scientifically sound training programs.